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Melanie St-Pierre

Union : ACTRA -SAG Eligible

Height : 5'7

Weight : 122LBS
Hair : Brown        Eyes : Brown

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Melanie St-Pierre Voice Demo - Unknown Artist
Melanie St-Pierre VG Voice Demo - Unknown Artist


The Escape Room- 2023

Role: Lead Scientist

Prod: Classic Films

Transplant - 2021

Role: Rosalie Crawford



Romance in the Wilds - 2021

Role: Amber Thorne

Prod: Imagocomm Entertainment

Love by Accident – 2019

Role: Judy

Dir: Justin Dyck


Star Trek: Discovery - 2019

Role: Supporting (V.O.)

Prod: CBS/Olatunde Osunsanmi


The Art of Falling in Love -2019

Role: Dr. Lawrence

Prod: UpTv


Christmas With A Prince - 2018

Role: Cassie


American Gods

Role: Weathergirl

Prod: Starz


Christmas With A View - 2018

Role: Billie

Dir: Justin Dyck - Netflix


Bell Let’s Talk Campaign - 2018

Role: Voice

Prod: Bell Media


Christmas Encore - 2017

Role: Samantha

Dir: Bradley Walsh - Hallmark


Christmas Wedding Planner - 2017

Role: Veronica

Dir: Justin Dyck - UPTV


Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection - 2016

Role: Various voices

Prod: Ubisoft


Hannah and Anna: Danger Girls - 2016

Role: Susan

Dir: Ryan Grassby


Heroes: Reborn - 2015

Role: Soccer Mom

Prod: NBC


Garm Wars: The Last Druid - 2015

Role: Khara

Dir: Mamoru Oshii - Production IG


(VG) Thief - 2014

Role: Petal/Blossom

Prod: Eidos


Long Gone Day - 2013

Role: Erika

Dir: Jon Deitcher


L’Empire Bo$$e - 2012

Role: Belle Masseuse

Dir: Claude Desrosiers


Exposed - 2011

Role: Amy Stewart

Dir: Philippe Gagnon - Incendo


Blue Mountain State - 2010

Role: Campus Hot Girl #1



Barney’s Version - 2010

Role: O’Malley’s New Co-Star

Dir: Richard Lewis


A Flesh Offering - 2010

Role: Nicole

Dir: Jeremy Torrie


(VG) Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood - 2010

Role: Various voices

Prod: Ubisoft


Til Death Do Us Part - 2010

Role: Jill

Dir: Raphael Levy


Dead Like Me - 2009

Role: Tiffany

Dir: Stephen Herek - MGM


(VG) Assassin’s Creed II - 2009

Role: Various

Prod: Ubisoft


Sophie - 2009

Role: Nurse

Prod: CBC


Prom Wars - 2008

Role: Jennifer Bergman

Dir: Phil Price


Spoliation - 2008

Role: Yoga Master

Dir: J. Adam Brown


The Business - 2007

Role: Actor

Prod: IFC


A Life Interrupted - 2007

Role: Molly

Dir: Stephan Pleszezynski - Lifetime


Naked Josh - 2005

Role: Courtney

Prod: Showcase


Ten Days to Victory - 2005

Role: Carmen

Prod: Cineflix


15/Love -

Role: Tammy

Prod: YTV


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